About Me

I moved to Denver three years ago (that’s twenty-one in dog years). Like many of our city’s recent residents, I moved to the Mile High City for my job and stayed for love.

I spent my puppy years at the now-closed Kit Carson Correctional Facility. Together, my handler and I learned about our purpose in life and with my handler’s help, I learned how to be a good boy. After basic training, I began professional training at the Canine Companions‘ regional training center in California. There, I mastered forty commands in my journey to becoming a service dog.

In November of 2015, I met Chris and began my life in Denver. Together, we have walked and rolled all over this city. We have gotten legislation passed at the Capitol to increase transportation access, and we have played in our city’s beautiful parks.

In 2018, Chris and I started the journey together to get elected to the Denver City Council. If we are elected,  I will be the first dog to serve Denver on Council.

I am excited to see Denver evolve into an even greater city for all of our residents, where anyone can walk or roll with their wagging companion on well-maintained sidewalks and play fetch in our many green spaces.

I am ready to serve Denver’s residents: dedicated, loyal, your best friend.


Pup-Oriented Neighborhoods

Long before I was born, our neighborhoods were perfect for walking everywhere–to work, the store, and the park. I refer to these neighborhoods as “pup-oriented,” because without the need to drive places far away, humans had way more time for their fur-friends. They were also more likely to take us places, like the park. I love going to the park to roll in the grass and smell all of the great smells. I think Denver should focus on making sure all our neighborhoods are pup-oriented. It’s good for people and good for dogs.

Leash-Friendly Sidewalks

Sometimes Chris and I aren’t able to walk side-by-side. This makes it really hard to do my job. Other times, Chris can’t use the sidewalk at all because it’s all broken up or closed because of construction. Still other times, there’s no sidewalk to use at all. I hate it when this happens because then we have to go places in the car. I’d rather use the sidewalk. I think Denver should make sidewalks a priority, and make sure that all our sidewalks are accessible to all people and wide enough for a person and their leashed pet to use. It’s good for people and it’s good for dogs.

Meeting With and Working With People

As your City Councildog, I promise to be your best friend too. I’ve heard all sorts of great ideas at all the neighborhood meetings, restaurants, parks, and businesses I’ve been to. I think we should have leaders who listen to all the smart people who live in Denver. It’s good for people (and probably good for dogs).

How To Elect Porthos

Denver loves dogs, but dogs aren’t allowed to serve on City Council without a human to accompany them. If you would like to make Porthos Denver’s first City Councildog, vote Chris Hinds for Denver District 10. The election is May 7th, and you can register to vote by clicking here.


If you want to learn more about me and how you can help me become Denver’s first Councildog, I suggest you look at Chris’s website at ChrisForDenver.com.

If you want to learn more about service dogs and think you may want to volunteer to help more people with disabilities be matched with dogs like me, check out Canine Companions for Independence at cci.org.